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The Gold Coast's first Craft Distillery & Tasting Room producing small batch Gin & Whiskey.

David Goulding aka “ Granddad Jack” was born on the 11th June 1919 in a small South Island town in New Zealand called Timaru. He didn’t get the chance to meet his father who died at the age of 34 in 1918; eight months before Granddad Jack was born.

As a young lad, he remembered an elderly gentleman that was visiting the family home giving him a shilling and asking ‘can you run to the shop and buy two packets of cigarettes and a packet of matches for me, and you can keep the change’. Granddad Jack knew he could run through the paddocks a lot quicker than he could ride his bike around the road, anyway after buying the cigarettes and matches he had a penny change so he bought a cinnamon bar for a halfpenny and kept the other halfpenny for another day. This was the first time in his life he made money.

At the age of 13 Granddad Jack and his mate set out on an epic 65-mile journey riding their bikes to a sheep station looking for work. They carried a canteen comprising of a billy made from a small size syrup tin, two tobacco tins for drinking cups of tea, milk, their lunch and of course Granddad Jacks homemade whiskey. They arrived there at 3 o’clock showing very little sign of fatigue and legend has it that was due to the whiskey, there’s something very special in our Whiskey.

This was considered a very creditable performance considering the uphill grade of the journey and the story made the local paper.
After several months working on the sheep station, Granddad Jack returned to the family home in Timaru. Just after he arrived, there was a knock on the door and since Granddad Jack was the only one home, he answered the door and there was the bailiff standing there telling him that nothing had been paid on the farm in four years. It’s hard to picture Granddad Jack standing there at 14 years of age talking to the bailiff and promising to make payment in full. He must have been a very good talker even at that age because after about half an hour he walked the bailiff to the gate and the bailiff said: “I’ll take your word for it, you won’t see me again.”

Over the next few months Granddad Jack had paid the debt in full, not a bad effort for a young lad of 14, when in the 1930’s the best you could get was a pound a week.

This integrity, the hard work and a never-give-up attitude is what has founded the Granddad Jacks brand. It’s what guarantees the highest quality of Whiskey ever seen on the Gold Coast and what inspires all of the creativity that goes into every one of our Gin’s.

During the war years, Granddad Jack obtained his trotting licence. His horse’s name was “Sack Cloth” but it never did much good. Legend has it that when Granddad Jack was a lad he used to buy big pencils, cut them in four and sell them at the Timaru races for a penny each, more than doubling his money! Perhaps this is how he was able to buy his racehorse!

Granddad Jack was never one to miss an opportunity and one day he spotted a barbershop standing empty, and that was the start of a very long and respected barber career. He ran a very successful barbershop for 48 years retiring at the age of 70 when he was still only charging $4 per cut!

Granddad Jack was indeed his own man. He did not suffer fools easily, he worked hard all of his life and didn’t take too well to authority either, especially if he didn’t agree with it, and his nature is something that has been passed on to his great-grandson Luke.
He loved to see his grandchildren and often said silly things to them and teased them. Some years ago a great-grandson had to do an assignment at school on who he thought was his “hero”. Luke wrote of his Granddad Jack – how proud he must have been to be a great grandson’s hero.

Granddad Jack passed away at the ripe old age of 93 and up until that point had a Whisky every day, and we’re certain he still does up in heaven.
Now his great-grandson Luke “Riddo” Ridden continues the legend by producing his own take on Granddad Jacks’ whiskey; an old family recipe that’s been kept a secret for close to 90 years.

A card given to his family at his funeral sums up the man as it said, “like the Christchurch Cathedral an icon has gone – a gentleman”. So look around and take in the legend of the one and only David Goulding aka “ Granddad Jack”.

At the new Granddad Jacks Craft Distillery, “We’re Too Busy for Bullshit”.

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